Mandatory Training for Coaches and Volunteers

The following is an on-line course that we as volunteers of Special Olympics must take as soon as possible. Toronto has established a March 31st deadline for this course to be completed.

In 2005 legislation was passed to make Ontario accessible to all regardless of a disability. This legislation requires Special Olympics Ontario to provide this training to all of its volunteers in Ontario. This course done completely on-line and will take approximately an hour of your time. To comply, we must also get 100% participation from our Community Volunteers.

Please let me know that you’ve completed this training. We will track who has completed the training. New volunteers will have one month after starting as a volunteer to complete this course. - Thanks Barb



Dear Special Olympics Volunteers,

This is a reminder to complete the MANDATORY AODA TRAINING.

The AODA Training can be found HERE

If you do not have a log in, please register yourself prior to completing the training.

Making Ontario accessible for people with disabilities in Ontario is an important law. It's called the Accessibility Act for Ontarians with Disabilities. It is the first of its kind in Canada. As volunteers and staff for Special Olympics we can celebrate and acknowledge the government is moving in the right direction. People with disabilities should have the same opportunities as everyone else. They should be able to do the things that most of us take for granted- going to work or school, shopping, taking in a movie or eating out. That is the goal of Ontario's legislation. Businesses and organizations who provide goods and services to people in Ontario will have to meet certain accessibility standards in five important areas:

    • Customer Service

    • Transportation

    • Information and communication

    • Physical Structures

  • Employment

"The Accessibility Standards for Customer Service" regulations came into effect on January 1, 2008. Ontario businesses that provide goods and services, and have more than one employee in Ontario, must be in compliance with all facets of the regulations by 2012. For Special Olympics Ontario we are required to institute compliance training for all staff, contract workers, suppliers and volunteers in the area of customer service. Accordingly we are providing you with an overview of the AODA in Powerpoint and we have posted the required training that ALL staff and volunteers must take on our e-portal. At the end of the training, you should print off your certificate and pass it along to your community coordinator or head coach. Our goal is that ALL volunteers will have taken the training by March 31st, 2012 and that new volunteers joining Special Olympics take the training within their first month. The Powerpoint overview can be found HERE.

CONTACT: Any volunteer or community who would like a more customized training approach or have questions please contact: Linda Ashe-